Questions & Answers


Q: Do i need a membership in order to use the Amazon fire tv?

A: You don’t need any membership to watching program, it will already have a pre-registered Amazon account.


Q: Do i have to sign in or subscribe?

A: Most of the add-ons don’t need sign in or subscribe.  There are VERY few that need sign in and you can get free login from their website. Netflix needs a sign in and subscription off course. YOU WILL NOT CARE ABOUT NETFLIX WITH THIS DEVICE. THIS LEAVES NETFLIX IN THE DUST!!!!


Q: How do you connect the Amazon fire tv stick to the tv?

A: It comes with a HDMI extender, but you can also plug it directly into the hdmi port of your tv.


Q: Do i have to connect the Amazon fire tv stick to my pc or tablet in order to use it?

A: No, you don’t need any computer. As long as you have internet at home wireless or wired, you are good to go.


Q: If for some reason, I reset my Fire TV and lose all files, then what?

A: We will make sure you get it all back and will work with you to get your device back to how you received it.


Q: What is needed?

A: Internet connection (wired or wireless) or “Hot Spot”and a HDMI connection for optimum resolution.


Q: What is an add-on?

A: An add-on is like a channel. All these add-ons are FREE!!


Q: Can I watch movies that are currently in theaters?

A: Well, yes you can, some titles are available even before they it the big screen.


Q: Can I get Live TV channels?

A: Yes you can. There are several IPTV channels available.


Q: Is there international channels?

A: Yes. There are lots of international channels from many different countries.