AWESOME PRODUCT……..awesome apps …. just remember it is like anything else you buy new like a phone it is not easy at first but after a few tries it gets easier. i have bought 10 of these and every one that i gave them 2 say the same thing. it is a little tricky in the beginning but after a day or 2 it gets easier. you have to play with the different aps to see which works easier for the specific movies , live TV, sports or what ever you are trying to watch. just stay with it , these are awesome and i have friends that have had these for years and still work. so good luck with them. and be patient.

by michaelchezey69 Apr 26, 2017


Easy to setup ,Movies and shows galore. AAA+

by hornaa4 Apr 3, 2017

Love it

Works great, watched all the latest movie’s. Grandkids watched jungle book and panda 3. Love it.

by jggill0909Apr 25, 2016

 Unbelievable!! watch almost anything with no bills or subscriptions, this is truly free tv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This android box works better than I could ever had imagined!!! I am completely new to the android operating system and KODI (never even used a smartphone before) and this box is so easy and user friendly that even I understand how it works, and I have recommended it to all my friends and family, no one I know knew what an android tv box or KODI was. With the many apps and addons programmed and configured by Best Buy Tek you can watch anything you want on demand absolutely FREE!!!! All you need is an internet connection to stream and your ready to watch anything you want. I do recommend a mini wireless keyboard  as it makes searching for movies, tv shows, etc.,very fast and easy. this fire stick gets all the sports events, pay per view, latest movies, current episodes of all the tv shows as well as music, pictures and so much more!!! after having the stick hooked up for the 1st day I cancelled my satellite tv, Netflix streaming and mail order dvds, and huluplus!!! Anything you want to watch can be streamed on demand whenever you want to watch it, your DVR is no longer needed, you don’t have to record shows or movies because anything you want to watch is available to stream whenever you want it, even movies still in theaters!!! This stick also allows you to browse the internet, email, facebook, twitter, Skype, anything your computer does can be done on your tv with this. I can not recommend the Best Buy Tek setup enough!!! It is truly amazing!!! so join me and cut the cord to your cable company, forget about Netflix, or whatever tv services you use, your throwing your $ away on overpriced outdated services, just buy a tv stick for a lot less than you pay the cable company every month and never pay a tv bill again!!!! Best Buy Tek has changed the way I watch tv for the rest of my life!!!!!

by bllofgren Jan 24, 2017

 Awsome Media Streamer

And I thought Roku was top of the line media streamer

by ken090535 Dec 14, 2016


Shipping came on the day it was supposed to. This is a great item! Thank you so much! A++++++++++++++++++

by jcjourney777 Nov 23, 2016